About us

Growers and makers, Victoria and Andrew have had Kenny Wine moving for some time. After completing his studies of Viticulture and Oenology at Adelaide university, Andrew moved to the Clare Valley region, stumbling upon Riesling country and working with a local winery in Polish Hill River. Travelling back and forth to the Pfalz region of Germany, Andrew learnt the traditional Pfalz winemaking process, completing harvests up until 2019 with Weingut Gabel. 

After finishing her conveyancing studies, Victoria relocated to the Clare valley and took up the hunt for vineyards to work with. In 2020 the pair found a run-down vineyard in the Auburn sub-region and realized its potential. Moving to organic approaches they are already seeing a return in biodiversity and vine health. They also started working with growers to secure small parcels of select fruit, the first harvest comprising of Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir and Polish Hill River Riesling.

The pair focus on small batch wines from single vineyard sites, now making their single site wines from multiple regions. A biological farming approach is taken in their own vineyard with a focus on decreasing chemical input and rejuvenating the diversity of the vineyard and soil health. With that in mind the couple do not use herbicides, instead incorporating the use of compost teas, cover crops and native species throughout their vineyard.

A light handed winemaking approach is taken by the couple so that the wines can reflect their site and personality.