Honigsack Riesling 21 | Kenny X Gabel
Honigsack Riesling 21 | Kenny X Gabel
Honigsack Riesling 21 | Kenny X Gabel

Honigsack Riesling 21 | Kenny X Gabel

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The Honigsack Riesling is our most special release yet. Grapes from the Pfalz region of Germany, this wine is made in collaboration with our very close friends, Oliver & Lena at Weingut Gabel. 

A friendship which started in 2015 when Andrew worked a Vintage at the Family Winery in Herxheim Am Berg. Now, 8 years on, two weddings, countless facetimes and many great bottles shared, the Gabels have quickly become two of our Closest friends, living on the other side of the world. 

The opportunity to work with the Gabel family was never a question for us. As well as our values of organic practices aligning from Vineyard to Winery, Oliver Gabel is also an absolute guru in the European Wine scene, and someone we have had the pleasure of learning from and working with over the years. An idea to make wine together and bring to Australia seemed impossible, but in 2021 the dream came to fruition. Restricted to Facetime assistance and samples via airmail (thanks covid!) we still managed to work together and kept the collaboration alive trusting in Oliver's expertise within his vineyards. Finally, it is an absolute dream to share the first release of Kenny X Gabel, the Honigsack Riesling V21. 

A little about the Process: 

Organic certified Single vineyard
Hand Picked at 11 Baum
Spontaneous Fermentation in 120 year old StückFass

12 months on Fermentation Lees
Racked, Filtered and Bottled at the 17th Century Winery
Imported to Australia

The Gabel X Kenny collab is far from over with Andrew en route to Germany for a 2023 Vintage to help make the next batch including a new variety… more on that to come! 

We are so excited to be working with the Gabels on this ongoing project and are so proud to be able to bring a piece of Herxheim am Berg to Australia. 

Andrew & Victoria Kenny
Oliver & Lena Gabel